PowerShell Resources

Here is a list of resources I try to maintain for those getting started with PowerShell.

User Groups 

Web Sites 

  • PowerShell.Org – Community-Owned PowerShell organisation, led by Don Jones.  You’ll find Forums, book reviews, information about the PowerShell Summit, guidance on starting a user group and everything else you need.  This site is operated by active Community members and should be your first stop for anything PowerShell.

  • PowerShellGroup.org – Events from difference User Groups are posted here

  • Hey, Scripting Guy! – Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson runs this blog, with Guest Bloggers contributing regularly.  If you need to do anything with PowerShell then chances are you can find out how, here.

  • TechNet PowerShell Blog – Blog run by the PowerShell Team

MVPs and Community Influencers 

  • Don Jones – @concentrateddon – Don is a PowerShell MVP, Author and Trainer, far and away the leader in his field.

  • Ed Wilson – @ScriptingGuys – Ed is Microsoft’s Scripting Guy!

  • Teresa Wilson – @ScriptingWife – Teresa Wilson, wife of Ed Wilson, contributes a huge amount to the PowerShell community, she is a valuable resource if you’re looking to set up an event or start a user group.

  • Mike Robbins – @MikeFRobbins – Mike is a winner of the Scripting Games 2013 and has contributed to books such as PowerShell Deep Dives.  He blogs, tweets and is a wealth of good information.

  • Jonathan Walz – @jonwalz – Jonathan hosts, records and edits the PowerScripting Podcast, painstakingly every week!

  • Hal Rottenberg – @halr9000 – Hal co-hosts the PowerScripting Podcast with Jonathan.

  • Mark Schill – @powerschill – Mark contributes a lot to the PowerShell Community including running the PowerShell Saturday site and contributes to the running of other Community sites.

  • Jeffrey Snover – @jsnover – Jeffrey is the inventor of PowerShell, you need no other reason!

  • June Blender – @juneb_get_help – June worked for Microsoft on the PowerShell team, she wrote a lot of the Documentation for PowerShell and is now working on the Azure Active Directory team.

  • Ravi Chaganti – @ravikanth – Ravi Chaganti is a PowerShell MVP based in Bangalore.  He has a number of published works, writes a blog, founded the PowerShell Magazine and presents on PowerShell very regularly.  A wealth of information also.


  • PowerScripting Podcast – http://powerscripting.wordpress.com/ – To my knowledge this is the most successful PowerShell Podcast out there. Run by Jonathan Walz and Hal Rottenberg they record almost every week.  This site has a mind map feature to help you find relevant content from past episodes.  This is the podcast for PowerShell news.

Online Training 

  • Interface Technical Training – http://www.interfacett.com/powershell-training – Interface has training materials from Don Jones, Jason Helmick and other PowerShell masters, very well priced and worth a look.  Targeted at the IT Pro.

  • Pluralsight – http://www.pluralsight.com/training/Courses – The PowerShell content here has built out extensively, I have watched the series from Thomas Lee and Jim Christopher.  The online training is well priced and the apps for viewing and downloading are fantastic.  While this is primarily developer level training, the PowerShell content is still really great.


  • SAPIEN PowerShell Studio – http://www.sapien.com/software/powershell_studio – PowerShell Studio is an evolution from Primal Script, the long leading product in Script development.  It includes functionality to help you write GUI tools based on PowerShell.  Not a free tool, but worth the investment.

  • PowerGUI – www.powergui.org – PowerGUI is a free PowerShell tool from Quest, now Dell Software.  It includes a script editor and a  GUI to help manage your systems using PowerShell.  The GUI is extensible and members of the community build PowerPacks for the different products they manage with PowerShell.  I use PowerGUI every day without fail.

  • Idera PowerShell Plus – http://www.idera.com/productssolutions/freetools/powershellplus – PowerShell Plus is a free tool for script editing.  It doesn’t have GUI development functionality (as I recall) but is rated above PowerGUI within the community.  Definitely worth a look.

  • SAPIEN iPowerShell – http://www.sapien.com/software/ipowershell – This is a PowerShell reference for iPad that can also connect to PowerShell Web Access servers so you can execute scripts and code.  I use it as a reference more than anything.

  • SAPIEN VersionRecall – http://www.sapien.com/software/versionrecall – This is a tool I have just started using for Version Control of my scripts, I prefer it to any other version control tool because it doesn’t have to integrate with the Development tools you use.  A Time-Limited community edition is currently available.


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